Jumat, 14 Februari 2014

First English Post

From now on, there will be a special section in my blog which I use to practice my English skill. I will go to another country to continue my study, Post-Graduate. Whether its Japan, or Australia, maybe Russia, who know I might end up studying in Malaysia, I don't know. I'll have God to decide which is the best for me. My English isn't too good, well actually above average but, Practice make perfect, isn't it.

Grammar? Meh. I know it is important, but for now as long as I able to write what lies on my mind and as long as you understand what I'm talking about, no problem. Ok?

I want to learn another language in near future. For now I speak Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Jawa, English, and a bit Arabic. Shame on me for forgetting most of my Arabic lesson. Well, at least for minimal conversation I can still do it. I have learn Arabic since 3rd grade, even longer than i learn English. Too bad, except for praying and read Qur'an, we, Indonesian, rarely use Arabic. While English were used in computer, games, simple instructions in product, etc.

It's hard for me to decide whether I should learn Japanese or German. I have learn both of them in High School, along with Mandarin, French, and Arab. But i forgot almost all of them. I guess with the upcoming ACFTA 2015 I have to give myself another language skill beside the compulsory English and Bahasa. Hmm... I like Japanese language better than German. It is easier for me and it is used in anime or manga. So it is fun to learn that. Haha.

Wish me luck and I'll see you in the next English post. By the way I will keep posting the regular posts with Bahasa Indonesia.


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