Rabu, 21 Oktober 2015

Why English? Why not?

So um, yeah.. English. My second tongue. I always loved to write in my blogs, notes, or micro-blogs (hi there Plurk and Facebook) in English.


Let's see.. Uhm, practice. Yeah, that one thing. But not the main thing. As far as i know.

I had once seen randomly in web that people who are able to communicate in multiple languange had multiple persona too, according to the language he use.

Seems bizzare at the beginning, but now I think, I can relate to that.

I didn't meant to brag but, until now I'm able to communicate in 5 language, three of which I'm able to communicate fluently, one semi fluent, and one language which I am less able (but still know little for survival~ lol)

Bahasa Indonesia and Boso Jowo, or should I say Indonesian and Javanese? Of course they are my mother tongue, I've been able to speak in two tongue since I was in Kindergarten. Well that was nice.

English, as I said in above, my second tongue. Which I achieve through both school and non-school. Those games, music, books, movies I consume since I was in Elementary School, it really paids now.

Another tongue I'm can speak is Arabic and Japanese. But that's enough about my ablity, lets back to why  I write this.

I feel, when I think, or speak, or write in English, as if it wasn't me. Yeah, the theory might be right. I feel like different from the usual native-speaking-me. I feel there are confident boost when I am speaking English. Though it's somewhat broken

This english-persona of mine, is a wise and calm older guy. Much older than me, maybe in his 40's

As the result, im having a more 'adult' point of view, whenever i resort to my English for writing an article.

Weird? Yeah it is.


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